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You just never know...

As a Voiceover, I usually start each week with nothing to do.. 9am Monday morning doesn’t tend to be the mad rush it is for the rest of the working world, more of a gentle ease, waiting for my email to ping or my phone to buzz whilst I take my first slurps of coffee and crunch my toast (one marmalade, one peanut butter thank you very much!)

The bigger jobs get booked sometimes weeks in advance, so I find that my work diary at a glance is peppered with these, and the rest of the days fill gradually throughout the week with more urgent pieces of work. One of the main reasons I find this line of work thrilling is you genuinely never know what you are going to get.. What will it be today I ask myself.. Hmmmm......

Well as I am not Mystic Lib, I can’t tell you what’s to come, but for those of you who have asked me, “did I hear you the other day?” and I’ve replied, no that’s not me, that’s Samuel L Jackson, I thought I would post this blog and share below a few examples where you will have heard me.

You may for example have heard me on National radio campaigns including returning clients United Carpets and Beds, Fred Olsen Cruises, Easy Bathrooms and Paul Mckenna's new book, ‘7 things that make or break a relationship’.

On TV you will have recognised my dulcet tones on 3 separate campaigns for I’ve voiced Spotify spots for Visit Austria, The FT podcast and Lloyds Banking Group.

Explainers have included EV Comply, Glide Wifi, Golf Master, Broadway and Cisco. Whilst holding on the telephone for the NHS, Birchwood Motor Group and Mosley and Jarman, correct that’s me!

If you were attending a publishing award ceremony, you were right, I was the Voice of God and I was also one of the ladies telling you about special offers in store at ASDA.

You may also have heard me anywhere across the UK on local radio stations too.. I’ll leave those ones up to you to spot!

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