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A spoof commercial...

Wow April already, how the heck did that happen? How are you feeling? So strange isn’t it and I know for some really scary and unsettling. As a voiceover, I’m used to working from home and also used to spending a lot of time alone. I’m lucky that I can work from my studio in my ‘Cupboard under the stairs.’ It’s sound proofed and acoustically treated, compact and bijou and I fit just fine thank you very much. I am NOT Harry Potter! ;-)

What I’m not so used to is not having the freedom to travel and visit friends and also having quite so much time on my hands.

BUT! Having time on our hands means, more time for creative endeavours. So with that in mind, I have written and performed a really short sketch, produced by and co starring my good mate Edsound. Why not eh!?

Keep safe everyone and remember if you can, have a laugh as often as possible; Its good for immunity. My go to for a good laugh is BBC Three’s This Country; and for all you aspiring writers, the BAFTA winning writer and cast member Daisy May Cooper is currently giving free script writing classes on her Instagram account so go check it out. Also her Instagram is hilarious; particularly the videos with her little girl

Bye for now.



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